Blend into Paradise with every sip!

Margaritaville Machine Recipes

94 Day's of Summer Recipes!
Turn up the fun with every blend - From Frozen Limeade to Pina Coladas with Margarita argaritaville Machine Recipe!

Savor the taste of summer all year round with 94 Day of delicious frozen drink recipes and "Blend into Paradise." Immerse yourself in tropical flavors and beat the heat with every sip. Get ready to be transported to a paradise of your own with each refreshing blend.

Day 1

The Best Margarita!

Day 2

Pina Colada

Day 3

Strawberry Banana Daiquiri

Day 4

Bahama Breeze

Day 5

Last Mango In Paris

Day 6

Rum Runner

Day 7

Frozen Mai Tai

Day 8

Blue Hawaiian

Day 9

Peachy Ginger Rita

Day 10

Key West Margarita

Day 11

License to Chill

Day 12

Blue Colada

Day 13

Naughty Margarita

Day 14

The Classic

Day 15

Off To See The Lizard

Day 16

Blackberry Margarita

Day 17

Sex On The Beach

Day 18

Lemonade Vodka Slush