The Hurricane made popular at Pat O'Briens bar in 1940's New Orleans, apparently debuted at the 1939 World's Fair and was named after the hurricane lamp-shaped glasses the first drinks were served in. This heavily rumbaed drink was created as a means to get rid of the large stock of rum his Southern distributors forced him to buy - So the story goes.

Rum Runner  

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3/4 oz. light rum
3/4 oz. dark rum
3/4 oz. grenadine
1/2 oz. pineapple juice
1/2 oz. orange juice
Float: 1/4 oz. 151 rum.

1. Combine ingredients in Margaritaville blending jar.
2. Blend and pour into a 12 oz. glass.
3. Garnish with an orange and cherry.
4. Add float of 151 rum.